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In late May, members of the Bucks Mont Katrina Animal Center Project, along with volunteers from the Warrington-based Animal Lifeline, partnered to coordinate a dog adoption transport from Waveland, Mississippi to Kennebunk, Maine.  Since the hurricane, there has been a surge of displaced pets and an ever-increasing stray population.   While the BMKACP is actively raising funds for the much-needed animal center, this transport program is an opportunity to offer immediate help.  With this first transport, 31 dogs, including 22 puppies, were rescued, as students ranging from kindergarten to college, from Mississippi to Bucks County to Maine were involved.  While many groups have left the Gulf region, our efforts are being reenergized as the next generation enthusiastically steps forward to help.

Click here for the Bucks County Herald story on dog rescue effort.

Animal Center donations should be made payable to:
GCCF-Bucks Mont Katrina Project/AC

Checks should be mailed to:

Gulf Coast Community Foundation
P.O. Box 2984
Gulfport, MS 39505-2984

Click the link below or the image to the right for a video by Bill Eastburn IV, co-chair of the Bucks Mont Katrina Animal Center Project and son of the late BMKP co-founder Bill Eastburn.

Project Updates

Bucks Mont Katrina Project keeps a promise

On a beautiful Mississippi day, approximately 200 Hancock County residents and visitors dedicated the Hancock County Food Pantry, the second building project of the BMKP. To kick off the celebration, children from the Hancock County Child Development Center -- another BMKP effort -- delivered donated food items as the crowd cheered and applauded.

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A Look Back
We tried to make a difference on the Gulf Coast,

but we are different because of the people in Mississippi


In memory:
Humanitarian, BMKP Founder Bill Eastburn

Bucks-Mont Katrina Animal Center Project

The Bucks-Mont Katrina Animal Center Project has launched a new Website as well as a Charter Brochure that describes its current mission. This brochure also introduces you to the people behind the scenes and how you can help make this program a success..!!!

Vist the New Website

Current Grants & Donations for
the Animal Center are now at:
Animal Center donations should be made payable to:

GCCF-Bucks Mont Katrina Project/AC

Checks should be mailed to:

Gulf Coast Community Foundation
P.O. Box 2984
Gulfport, MS 39505-2984



Donations top $1.8M!
Thanks to gifts small and large, cash donations to the Katrina Relief Project were over $1.8 million on June 1, 2008, with an additional $720,000 in gifts-in-kind.

The Salvation Army serves as a key partner in the Bucks Mont Katrina Relief Project, providing guidance and non-profit status for donations, without any administrative fee. Your charitable donations to Katrina Relief are 100 percent deductible. Visit the secure donation Web site or the Army’s Philadelphia chapter for more information.

Or you may send a check payable to
The Salvation Army to:
Bucks-Mont Katrina Relief Fund
c/o The Salvation Army
701 N. Broad St.
Philadelphia, PA 19123

Latest news...

Work begins on the Food Pantry! Visit our photo gallery.

About The Bucks Mont Katrina Relief Project
The Bucks-Mont Katrina Project is a partnership with purpose. Co-founders Bob Byers, Bill Eastburn and Mike Scobey formed this unique coalition in September 2005. Partnering with the Bucks-Mont community, The Salvation Army and the MS Gulf Coast citizens allows the team to optimize its impact. Working together, we've completed multiple and meaningful projects to help our Southern neighbors. Please enjoy visiting each web page. What's here is really a tale of what YOU and others, have made and are making possible. Thank you for caring!
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